Juvenile Detention Center and Youth Shelter

Location: Teterboro, New Jersey
Owner: The County of Bergen
Service: Construction Management
Project Cost: $28.5 Million
Architect: Ronald Schmidt & Associates

The County of Bergen has embarked on an ambitious project to provide for a new Juvenile Detention Center.  Located at 200 North Street in Teterboro, New Jersey, the new Juvenile Detention Center will be progressive and provide for a safe and secure environment. The new center at approximately 39,000 SF will provide for a dormitory to house 29 juveniles; two pods to house the male population, one pod to house the female population and the space to provide for an additional pod to be built out should the need arise in the future, lavatories, indoor and outdoor recreation areas, a cafeteria and kitchen, classrooms, outpatient facility, administration offices and guard facilities.

A new Youth Shelter of approximately 11,000 SF  has been designed to accommodate 16 people and will be located at the same site; the JDC and the Shelter will share common functions and operations such as the kitchen, medical personnel, outdoor recreation area and gymnasium.

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